Which ad companies are using fake messages?

The Washington Post reported Wednesday that at least three advertising companies are turning to technology to trick people into clicking on false ads.

The Post said that a company called Pivot, based in the Netherlands, has developed a tool that helps advertisers trick users into clicking through to fake content, and that it has used that tool to target people in the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries.

Pivot’s ad system has also been used to trick Facebook users into visiting fake news sites, according to the Post.

Pivot told the Post it had been using technology to use fake ads for more than a year.

In addition to targeting people in countries where the companies were selling their products, Pivot also had developed a software tool that allowed it to trick users to click on a website that was linked to a fake Facebook page that was selling ads to people who were buying ads.

Facebook has a program called Audience Insight that allows marketers to use a variety of tools to target their audiences to a variety or types of ads.

Facebook has said the tools were created in response to the need to target ads to different groups.

Facebook told The Post it did not know whether Pivot’s software had been used in countries outside the United Kingdom, where Facebook does not have a policy of advertising to people based on their gender.

Facebook said that Pivot and its partner company, Media Platform Partners, had used the tool in its advertising and news targeting efforts in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

In an emailed statement to The Post, Pivots chief executive Peter Diamandis said the company had recently been testing Audience Invisibility technology to target users based on gender and age.

“Our goal with Audience Isolation is to target audiences based on a wide range of demographics,” Diamands said.

“Our platform has a strong track record of delivering targeted advertising to the right people at the right time, which is a key to our business success.”

Facebook also said that the company did not pay Pivot for the use of the software and that Pivot has been the subject of numerous complaints by advertisers.

The Washington Post, which has been researching the use and abuse of fake Facebook ads for several months, has also reported on an increasing number of Facebook-owned brands using fake ads to target Facebook users.

The Post’s investigation has revealed a growing number of companies that have been using Facebook’s ad technology to sell to fake audiences.

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