What you need to know about online advertising for children

Consumers should be wary of advertising that focuses solely on children and young people, with an emphasis on entertainment and sports, according to an industry expert.

A report by the Advertising Standards Authority found that children’s advertising can be confusing and can create confusion and anxiety in younger audiences, especially with ads for children, which are sometimes targeted at a younger age.

Advertising specialists said consumers should be cautious when it came to children’s ads.

“I think there’s a lot of confusion around what advertising is and what it is not,” said Gary Daley, president of the AdWords Association, a trade group that represents the industry.

“We have to make sure we’re looking at the ads in context, that they’re really intended for children and that they have a legitimate purpose.”

The ASA found that the majority of advertising for kids was aimed at younger audiences and targeted to younger audiences by including young people in the ads.

But, Mr Daley said, there were also ads for adults, aimed at people over 65 and for older adults.

Mr Daley noted that advertisers were not required to display the age of the audience they were targeting.

“That’s a matter for them to be responsible for,” he said.

“It’s a really good thing to be able to do that because we’re all very busy and you’re putting your heart into something that could be a waste.”

Advertising for children is generally considered a good thing, but the ASA’s report also said that there were some adverts that could harm children.

For example, advertisements for children could be confusing for young people and, because the advertiser is selling the product, they could be misleading about the safety of the product.

The report also found that some advertisers were targeting children’s products in a way that could cause children to feel uncomfortable.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the Australian Advertising Standards Board said the industry is committed to ensuring that children are able to use its products safely and safely, and that it was committed to using its resources to ensure that all adverts comply with all relevant Australian laws.

More information about adverts for children can be found on the Australian Federal Police’s website.

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