How to Protect Yourself From False Advertising on YouTube and Other Online Sites

What if the ads you see online are from a fake site?

That’s what one Maryland man is trying to warn you about.

Joe Kovalnik is the creator of the viral video called “The Best Thing About YouTube,” which has been viewed more than 20 million times on YouTube.

It’s the story of how Kovalnick used his platform as a business owner to get a small business on the ground and start producing some of his products.

He says he made a mistake by creating a YouTube channel that he claimed had more than 2 million subscribers.

But that number is in fact zero, he says.

It was his idea to create a channel that included a video on YouTube that was made by a man with a YouTube account who claims to be an employee of a YouTube partner company.

YouTube says that Kovalny is the one who created the channel, but Kovalnich says that he created it independently, and not as part of a paid advertisement.

It’s a little like the guy you saw on the front page of TMZ.

You see that picture, and you say, ‘Well, I guess you’re a celebrity.’

But it’s the same story, Kovalnikov says.

I’m a humble guy with no money.

I had no idea I was going to be a big name on the Internet.

I had no plan.

I just made this video, and then, in a few days, I got a message from someone that said, ‘Hey, you should try this.’

And I thought, Oh my gosh, I’m in this industry, and it’s not that hard.

So I thought I’d give it a shot.

It was fun.

I did not expect to get so many hits.

I made it for a very, very small YouTube account.

And then I got lots of other channels, and I’m like, Oh, wow, I have millions of subscribers.

That’s crazy.

And now it’s grown to 20 million.

It grew from my YouTube channel to my other channels to my brand.

The channel that Klevnik created has now attracted more than 1.3 million subscribers, but he says that his original goal was to get to 1 million subscribers by the end of May.

But that’s not how it ended.

YouTube told Kovalkin that he violated its terms of service, which require people to “admit they are creating content for commercial purposes.”

YouTube says it has suspended the account of Klevnich.

Kovalniches creator is also angry about the way he’s been treated by YouTube.

He posted on YouTube saying that YouTube should do more to protect its content creators from online abuse, and that he hopes YouTube will take action.

He said in his post that YouTube has “no right to suspend or delete a user who has committed a crime.”

We are a community, not a business, Klevnikov says in the video.

I want YouTube to understand that it has to protect us from being abused, and so they should.

I don’t want this to be about me.

I want them to protect me.

And I also want to say that we all need to make sure that we do this right.

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