How to find out which ads you’re seeing in the ads for your favorite coffee shops, restaurants, bars and hotels

The advertising industry is in the midst of a “transformation” with the launch of ad formats and technologies that allow consumers to view ads as they would on a television set.

However, the change will not be complete until the advertising industry has fully embraced the digital world.

This will require an overhaul of the way we consume advertising, said Adi Ganesan, chief executive of, a digital ad and content marketing company.

“I think the changeover will come in the form of a new approach to advertising that we will have to adopt as we transition from print to digital,” he said.

“We have to take that leap of faith and really embrace the whole digital experience.”

Ads for restaurants, coffee shops and hotels are the most visible example of this transition.

They are seen on televisions and smartphones and can also be seen in the advertisements for the likes of Google and Netflix.

Ads will not only appear on televises, but in real-time and on computers.

Advertisers can even place ads in front of customers, but this will be a new way of viewing advertising.

“The ad format that is coming out now is something that we are going to have to start using, that we can use in the same way as we do with TV ads,” Ganesann said.

We have the ability to create this new ad format.

We will have a very clear way of seeing and displaying the ads that are coming from this company.

We are going into a new stage in our digital advertising strategy.

“However, while many of the new ad formats are new to the industry, the industry is already embracing some of them.

While the TV ad format is expected to become the norm by the end of next year, there are also new technologies that have been around for a long time.

These include technology called “video advertising”, which allows advertisers to place video advertisements in front, instead of ads placed by television, on the website of the target brand.”

This is one of the things that we have been doing with video ads in the past for several years, but we really need to take advantage of it now,” Gannasan said.

The advertising industry will need to embrace these new technologies.

But, Ganesana said there are already signs that it is already doing so.

The introduction of AdBlock Plus, which allows people to opt out of video advertising, and a new digital advertising industry body, the Digital Advertising Alliance, have helped accelerate this transition, he said.”

There are signs that the advertising sector is moving in that direction.

AdBlockPlus is really an indicator that the industry has started to see the need to adopt these technologies,” he added.”

So AdBlock is going to make a huge impact.

And we are already seeing the effects of that.

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