Why is Dubuque’s job advertisement for Dubuques attorney being deleted?

By JAMES FELKER, Associated PressDUBUQUE, Iowa (AP) A Dubuque attorney who says he lost his job after being accused of sexual misconduct in an online profile is suing Facebook and its advertising arm.

Robert Jones is seeking unspecified damages in federal court.

He says his case could be a wake-up call to other online advertisers who have been victims of similar misconduct.

Facebook says its ad network does not discriminate on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, religion or national origin.

Jones says he resigned as a partner at the law firm of Jones, Smith and Co. in December.

He says he did not know he was being terminated until Facebook told him last month.

Jones is suing the company for defamation and breach of contract.

He filed suit Monday in federal district court in Dubuques.

He has a complaint against Facebook that alleges it violated the federal False Claims Act and the Iowa Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Jones was one of three employees who were terminated for alleged misconduct.

He’s also suing Facebook for wrongful termination.

The lawsuit says the alleged harassment started in January and continued through February.

It says Facebook fired him for failing to report it.

The suit alleges the company retaliated against Jones for seeking to report the harassment and the termination.

It also says Facebook’s “advertiser policy” does not allow advertisers to engage in “harassment.”

Jones is seeking an unspecified amount for lost wages and benefits.

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