What you need to know about controversial health advertisements

In 2016, two women, who worked as sales assistants for an Australian-based food retailer, were found to have made misleading health and safety claims about the efficacy of the NutraSweet brand.

Their company, Nutra, was fined $30,000 for breaching the Australian Consumer Law and fined $25,000 each for misleading consumers.

They were also found to be misleading in the United Kingdom after they were found by a health and care authority to have advertised Nutra’s product, the B2C Bitter, as “a natural, unprocessed sweetener”.

“A few weeks later, another company contacted us and said they were interested in purchasing our product,” one of the women, Tracey McLeod, told the ABC.

“They also said that Nutra was in the news because of an ad they had seen.”

I think that was a bit of a shock for me because Nutra is something that I personally loved and I’d seen in my family’s recipe books.

It was really sweet, I loved it, it was easy to digest.

“Ms McLeod’s mother had bought Nutra in 2010, and the family had taken it on trips to Europe, including one to Germany, before it was acquired by Nutra.

“When I heard that it was going to be bought by Nutreas Australian parent company, I knew that was the best thing for me.” “

I was really excited to have Nutra available to me in my kitchen, and it was wonderful,” Ms Mclderles mother, who is not named in the complaint, told Al Jazeera.

“When I heard that it was going to be bought by Nutreas Australian parent company, I knew that was the best thing for me.”

Ms Broderick was one of two Nutra sales assistants who was found to make misleading health claims about Nutra Sweet, and is the second woman in the US to be charged with making misleading health ads.

She was fined for making false statements to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about NutreAs health advertising, misleading claims are illegal and can result in a fine of up to $1 million.

Advertisement NutreSweet has been found to mislead consumers by claiming its product is a natural, natural sweetener.

In fact, Nutre Sweet contains no sugar, salt, or other artificial sweeteners.

It contains 50% fructose, 50% glucose, and 50% water.

NutreSweet has been linked to serious health issues including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke, and has also been linked with increased risk of obesity.

But in its US-based ads, Nutras marketing department claimed that NutreAmp® contains only 100% fructose and glucose.

Nutrex is an artificial sweetener derived from beet sugar.

Nutritos products are produced from cane sugar.

In Australia, NutritaSweet is a non-nutritive sweetener, which is also a sugar-free alternative to other artificial foods.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has recommended that Nutrex be removed from the Australian market.

Nutra has been accused of misleading consumers about the benefits of Nutra and misleading consumers into believing that Nutrains products are 100% sugar- and artificial sweetened.

Nutras Australian parent firm, Nutrex, said that all products are “100% natural”, and that all ingredients were “free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and additives”.

Nutrarian, the parent company of NutranaSweet, has also disputed the claims.

Nutrarians marketing department has also stated that the product does not contain artificial colours or flavours.

The company has also said Nutrinos products are safe to use.

In response to the ABC’s questions, Nutrazent, a company registered in the Netherlands, said Nutra products do not contain any artificial colours and flavours.

It said Nutrazen products contain 100% natural ingredients, such as cane sugar, which has been shown to be safe to eat.

The product also contains 100% artificial colourings, which are the same as those found in a natural product, Nutracon®, according to Nutrazens website.

A spokesperson for NutrazentaSweet, which also does not disclose how much sugar or artificial sweetening it uses, told ABC that the company does not use artificial colours.

“All of our products are manufactured using 100% cane sugar and cane fibre.

All of our cane sugar is 100% beet sugar and is sourced from local farmers,” the spokesperson said.

“We do not use any artificial colouring or flavours in our products.”

The Australian Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has also found that NutrazentoSweet’s advertising materials did not disclose that the products contain artificial sweetners.

However, the ASA found that the marketing materials did contain the information that the Nutrazeners products contained 100% organic cane sugar sourced from a local farm.

The ASA said the company had not changed its marketing materials, but had informed the

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