‘Lamar’ ad firm uses Snapchat to promote Snapchat ad campaign

When I first learned about Lamar, the first thing I thought was, “Holy shit, I really want to do this!” 

The ad agency behind the ad campaign is Lamar Advertising, a company that was founded by Sean O’Connor and Ryan O’Neill.

Lamar’s primary target demographic is men who like to travel. 

Lamar’s ad campaign has a focus on men traveling on a business trip. 

One of Lamar’s best selling ad campaigns is called Lamar: A Man’s Guide to Living a Man’s Life.

The company is currently in the process of producing a video series on Lamar titled The Lamar Manifesto. 

While I was browsing through the ad materials for the video series, I noticed a few things.

One was a very specific message that said, “We have an ad for you.

Watch this.” 

Another thing was that the video was actually being broadcast to Snapchat. 

Snapchat’s ad department, which is actually pretty smart, knew that the ad was going to be broadcast on Snapchat.

So, the ad agency and Lamar started collaborating on an ad campaign. 

So the message that Lamar wanted to give is: It’s a good idea to travel, and Lamar’s a great guy, so we think you should go on a trip.

Lamar then goes to a lot of places, and the ad is very focused on Lamar traveling. 

What Lamar did next was make a couple videos, including one about a man traveling with his dog, and another about a dog traveling with a man.

The ad agency then put the two videos together in the Snapchat campaign.

The other thing Lamar did was to show Lamar on a boat in Miami, and then the ad shows Lamar on an airplane in Miami. 

I love the way Lamar manages to do something like this: He’s on a yacht, but he’s traveling on an ocean boat.

It’s just a great example of the ad department really coming together and doing the right thing. 

Another great example is this ad that Lamar made about a woman traveling alone.

It shows Lamar sitting in the front seat of a plane, surrounded by people, and he’s doing his best impression of a guy who’s in love with a woman. 

But, the thing that I really like about Lamar’s ad is that it’s so funny.

He’s not just sitting there with a bunch of people who are sitting there staring at him.

He also has his own Instagram account. 

It’s a funny thing because Lamar’s in Miami and he has his family and he had a family, and his family is very supportive of Lamar. 

There’s also this other kind of ad that’s being run by Lamar and Lamar Advertising.

This is about a guy trying to buy a home. 

This is a great ad that I think shows Lamar being very much in love. 

The next ad I saw was Lamar Advertising’s “The Man” ad.

The one that Lamar has the most influence over is the one about the “Man” who is selling himself. 

In Lamar’s “Man,” he has a very detailed, extremely detailed story. 

“I was a kid, and my mother was the one who raised me, so I guess my mom would call me the Man, and I would call myself the Man,” Lamar said in the ad. 

That’s a pretty big difference between Lamar and most other ad campaigns. 

If you’re going to do a commercial about yourself, you’re probably going to have to spend a lot more money than most other ads that are on Snapchat and Facebook.

But, I thought, this was just a fun ad that had Lamar talking about himself.

I mean, I had to do my best to make Lamar look like a dude. 

When I heard that Lamar was working with Snapchat, I was intrigued. 

And then, I found out that Lamar is also working on an “Lamar Manifesto” ad for Snapchat.

Lamar is an ad guy. 

He’s a big, big advocate of social media.

And, as a Snapchat user, I think he’s also a big advocate for Snapchat as a way to reach more people. 

As a Snapchat advertiser, I’m always looking for opportunities to connect with people and I think Lamar is a really great opportunity to do that. 

You can watch Lamar’s video about Lamar in the video below.

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