How to get a warwick ad removed

Warwick is known for its colourful advertising campaigns and quirky social media accounts, and now it’s coming under fire for its “sugar-laden” advertisements that promote a “healthy” snack.

Key points:Warwick said in a statement it was working with the Advertising Standards Authority to ensure its adverts did not violate rulesThe Advertising Standards Agency has been contacted for commentWarwick is a former dairy dairy who is owned by Fairfax Media, which bought it for $10 billion in 2012.

It’s also been fined over advertising claims in the past, and its advertisements have caused outrage in recent years, with many saying they were insensitive to women.

But now, the Advertising Quality Authority has stepped in and said that while it has concerns about the campaign, it has no reason to stop the advertisements.

“We are aware that Warwick’s advertising claims do not comply with the advertising standards that apply to all advertising,” the agency said in its statement.

“While Warwick has taken appropriate steps to prevent such advertisements from being displayed on its website and social media, there are no grounds for us to consider that any of these advertisements are likely to cause distress to Warwick users.”

It also said Warwick had taken steps to ensure that the ads did not “misinform consumers or harm the health and wellbeing of its customers”.

Warwick had a $3.9 billion sale to Fairfax in 2012 for a total of $11.5 billion, but it later sold itself to Fairfax Media in 2015 for $2.2 billion., The Australian and AAP

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