When you go online, Google ads have you covered: Study

The search engine giant announced this week that it is introducing ads to some of its top paid TV shows.

The ads will appear as links in the navigation bar on Google searches that feature the TV shows’ titles, including the first three episodes.

The ad revenue generated by Google ads is projected to be $8.5 billion over the next five years.

The search giant has spent years working on the feature, and in May announced it would begin making it available to shows that do not already have the feature in place.

Google has long been working to make more than just search ads work in a digital environment, and the new ad feature is just the latest move in that effort.

“Google ads will be available to all paid TV programs on Google TV, beginning with the first season,” a Google spokeswoman told NBC News.

“All content partners will be able to participate in Google TV.”

Google has previously offered to make ads available to pay-TV channels and other content partners.

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