‘Loud’ Moulton advert sparks controversy

An advertisement from the popular Moulston advertising agency has sparked a political storm after it was shown on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland.

In the advert, a young woman wearing a bikini walks past a man holding a bottle of beer and a bag of chips.

The advert features a woman wearing bikini-clad bikini-carpeted heels and a man with a bag and beer in hand.

The woman is then seen walking towards a car parked at the end of a long driveway.

It’s the latest in a series of similar advertisements, most notably one by Moulson and his advertising agency, that have been posted on social media and on Facebook.

“Moulton is proud to present their latest commercial for RTÉ today,” Moulon said in a statement.

“It’s a great way to spread awareness about the impact of obesity on Ireland’s economy and society.”

The campaign was criticised on social networking sites and on Twitter, with many people saying it was offensive to Irish women.

The poster was labelled “offensive”, “offensive to women” and “racist”, while some people questioned why it was aired in the first place.

“It’s clearly sexist,” said Caitlin Kelly, a spokesperson for Irish women’s organisation Moulons.

“There’s nothing more offensive than a woman with a bikini-top, a pair of headphones and a big bag of fries walking down the road, while a man is walking past with a beer in his hand.”

In response to the criticism, Moultons said it would not air a campaign like the one in the advert and that it was “not a reflection of the views of Irish women or Irish people”.

Moulons said it was a satirical advert for RTT which has been running in Ireland since 2014.

“The image we used was a bit different than the actual image that appeared in the campaign,” said Moulmans spokesperson, Kate Mulson.

“We’ve taken some artistic licence with the images, and that’s all it was.

We’re not a public service broadcaster, we’re not an advertising agency and we’re a creative agency.

We’ve been very careful not to take a political stance, and we don’t have an agenda.”

Moulson said it had not aired the campaign in the past because of the political climate.”RTÉ has had an exceptionally challenging time in recent months.

The public’s attention has been focused on other things and the debate around Brexit, and our advertising has also been focused very much on that,” she said.

“I think there’s a huge amount of anxiety around the issue of Brexit and we’ve seen a lot of misinformation.

So we don, and I think it’s very disappointing.”

In a statement to the Irish Independent, Moulsons said the ad had been shown on several occasions, and the company had not been contacted by anyone.

“We have been approached by a few people who are concerned about it, but we would be happy to talk to anyone who wants to speak to us about it,” said Mulson, who is a member of the advertising advisory board at MoulTON.

Moultons is owned by Moulstons Ireland.

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