Ads will get a bump in price, but not as big as expected

Advertisers who want to get more out of their digital campaigns are going to have to find some new ways of spending money.

That’s because the average cost of a Google ad on Facebook, which is the primary ad network for Google+, has gone up in recent months, according to a report published by the advertising industry’s trade group.

The increase is a big reason why ads on Facebook have gotten cheaper and more frequent over the last few years, the industry’s Association of National Advertiser Council (ANAAC) said.

The price of an ad on Google is still a lot lower than what advertisers can charge for other ad networks, such as Facebook, but the increase is more than enough to drive advertisers to spend more on Google.

According to the AANAC, Facebook’s average cost per click is about $3.25, up from $2.60 last year.

The company also has a larger ad network, the World Wide Web Consortium, which includes ad agencies such as Google and Facebook.

The average cost for Google+ ads on the social network is $7.50 per click, up nearly $3 from last year, the AANAAC said.

Facebook, Google and the World WIDEWEB Consortium all paid about $11 billion to advertisers last year for online advertising.

Facebook paid an average of $10.9 billion, up by $1.3 billion from 2016, according the report.

Facebook’s advertising network includes about 2 million ads, the most of any of the four major ad networks.

Google paid about half of the $20 billion it spent on online advertising last year on its advertising business, according a report by advertising research firm comScore.

Facebook also has its own ad network.

It is also the largest online ad network with more than 30 million ads.

“Google and Facebook will continue to compete aggressively to gain market share,” the ANAAC said in its report.

“We expect to see more price increases in the coming months.”

The AANACC says that the average price of Google+ advertisements on the network has gone from $3 in 2016 to $8.50 in 2017.

It’s the second straight year that Google+ advertising has increased at least a bit.

The first year was in 2016, when it was $2 per click.

The second year was last year at $5 per click and the third year was $6.50.

“This is a really big jump,” said Andrew Jorgensen, vice president of advertising at comScore, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

Google and its partners like Facebook and Microsoft also have their own advertising networks.

The AANCC estimates that Google has more than 3.4 million advertisers, more than Microsoft.

Microsoft’s ad revenue last year was about $8 billion, or about a third of Google’s.

“I think Google’s advertising business is growing at an extraordinary pace,” said Jason Fekete, the former CEO of Adobe, who was previously Google’s chief advertising officer.

He said that Google could spend up to $6 billion a year on advertising on Facebook and that the company’s ads on those platforms could reach millions of people.

“If the business is going to continue growing, it’s going to require a big, big investment in advertising,” Feketesaid.

The rise in the cost of advertising in the U.S. is a result of Google and other tech companies expanding their businesses, Fekeetesays.

“In general, the U-turns that Google is seeing on the Internet have been in its advertising and search businesses.

Google is the world leader in advertising, and it’s now a huge advertiser on the Web,” he said.

Google’s growing dominance of online advertising is also due to a number of factors, Fechete said.

He noted that Google’s recent acquisition of advertising agency DoubleClick, which was also used to pay Google to show ads on YouTube, is another factor.

“The company has been extremely aggressive about getting its ads on everything from Facebook to Google+,” he says.

“When you get into the Internet space, the costs of ads are going up dramatically.

Google has been very successful in getting its own ads on a lot of things, including YouTube, Google+.

Google+ and YouTube have all been successful for Google in terms of getting their ads in front of users.”

According to comScore research, Google+ ad revenue increased by $837 million to $7 billion last year and $2 billion in 2018.

Facebook ads grew by $4 billion to $2,845 million.

Google also increased its advertising revenues to $9 billion from $5 billion.

That was more than twice as much as the $1 billion increase in the AASC’s ad budget for the entire year.

Google ad revenue grew by almost 40 percent from 2016 to 2017.

The advertising industry is worried that the rise in costs could put a damper on the growth of online video

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