Why you should stop using Adobe’s new adblocker

Long-time Adobe user David Laidlaw wrote in an open letter to Adobe that the new ad blocking plugin will “put your business in danger”.

“Adobe has just announced a new plugin called AdBlock Plus that will remove all ads from your website in less than 24 hours,” Laidaw said.

“This means that even if you’re not in the US, your business could be in jeopardy because it could be blocked by AdBlockPlus.

This plugin does not work in Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, India, and Japan only.

Adobe’s announcement on Wednesday, however, did not include any additional details on how the new plugin will work in these countries.

The move comes just two days after Adobe announced it had removed ads from its flagship site, The Verge.

According to Adobe, this plugin removes ads that are blocking users from using other Adobe services such as Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader Lite, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Digital Editions, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, and Adobe InDesign CC.

In its announcement, Adobe said it is working with third-party ad blocking companies to block all advertisements on The Verge website, and said it will continue to work with ad blockers to prevent ads from interfering with other Adobe products and services.

Adobe also noted that it will add new features to the AdBlockplus software, including a feature to automatically block ads from appearing on any pages on your website when you use AdBlock, as well as a new “ad blocking” feature that will automatically block any ad from appearing in a web page if the browser does not have a built-in ad blocking feature.

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