A new way to manage ads for yelpers is coming soon

A new method to manage advertising on a Yelp ad platform has been announced.

Yelp’s ad management team is announcing today a new method that will let users manage their ad campaigns, as well as customize them, through a new “ad tag editor” that will be included with their app.

Ad tag editors allow users to add tags, as seen in the screenshot above, to their ads to allow them to manage them, adjust their length, and adjust their placement.

The editor, which will be made available in the coming weeks, allows users to customize their ads by editing the tags, and then allowing advertisers to use them.

It will also allow advertisers to embed tags in their ads.

Ad tags editor, screenshot via Yelping app screenshot: A new ad tag editor, or ad tag, editor, that will allow users edit the ads, as they would do on a real site.

“Ad tag editing is the next step in our ad campaign management journey,” Yelpa’s marketing team wrote in a blog post today.

“We’ve seen that with traditional ad tagging, many users are confused and disappointed with the tools they have at their disposal, so we wanted to create a solution that would make it easier to manage their campaigns and get more results.”

Ad tag editor will be available in two versions, one for the platform’s own apps, and another for third-party apps.

Yeezy shoes ad tag for ad tag editing.

Ad Tag editing, or a new way of managing ads, is a great way for advertisers to get more clicks on their ads, Yoozy shoes brand told The Verge.

Yoozer also said it has “an extensive list of third-parties” that are actively using ad tag editors, and they’re actively developing a new ad tagging system that will help them.

Yoozy Shoes ad tag in the Yoozi app screenshot from the Yeezy app, available in beta for a month.

“Yeezys ad tag has the ability to do so many things that other traditional ad tags have never been able to do.

We’ve seen amazing results with ad tag-enabled Yeezies, including:”Our ad tag system allows us to create beautiful, dynamic, and immersive content for our users to consume.

Our ad tag also allows our users and advertisers to easily create and share videos with Yeezi’s users.

“In addition, our ad tag allows us access to many other exciting tools and features for our Yeezer users, such as our Ad Tag Manager, which allows advertisers to control and manage their ads as well.

Ad tag managers are great tools that allow you to create ads that will have a meaningful impact on the Yezys brand, but also help us to continue to deliver the best Yeezu experience to our users.”

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