Honolulu advertising firm pays $250,000 to partner on Hawaii TV show

Advertisers in Honolulu are paying more than $250 in advance to work on the first season of a new show from the Honolulu Star advertiser.

Advertisers will get a sneak peek of the upcoming season, which begins airing this summer, on the Honolulu TV station, KITV-TV, and the Honolulu Public Television (HPT) website, Honolulu.com.

The show, entitled Hawaii Hawaii, follows a family who moves to the island after losing their home in a hurricane.

“I’m really excited for this,” said Tom Begay, an HPT TV ad buyer who has been working on the project.

“It’s a great opportunity to showcase what Hawaii can offer.

I think the people who will watch the show are going to enjoy it.

The story is just going to be fascinating.”

The new Hawaii will premiere in the spring.

A Honolulu Star reporter who asked not to be named said it is the first time the ad agency has put a Hawaii show on air.HPT TV has more than 10 million subscribers and is a part of the state’s commercial television system.

Begay said it will be the first Hawaii show that HPT has produced.

The Honolulu Star, a regional newspaper in Honolulu, is owned by the Honolulu Corporation. “

I can’t wait to get started.”

The Honolulu Star, a regional newspaper in Honolulu, is owned by the Honolulu Corporation.

The newspaper, which is owned and operated by the Hawaiian American Society, was established in 1945.

It is a public, non-profit, non profit newspaper that has the goal of providing an alternative to the traditional local newspaper.

The Honolulu Stars’ ad campaign is supported by a grant from the state Department of Education.

The first season will be shot in Honolulu.

The Honolulu Star will shoot the first episodes in September.

The ad agency will be paid a $250 advance, which will be shared with the Honolulu Times Herald advertiser and the HPT affiliate station, Honolulu Public TV, said a statement from Begay and the company.

Advertising agencies in Hawaii have traditionally supported local and regional news outlets, such as local news stations, but advertisers are starting to embrace local news as a key way to get their messages out.

The company has been a major supporter of local news in Hawaii, with a total of $11.3 million in campaign spending since 2014, according to data from the Hawaii Newspaper Publishers Association.

In addition to its support for local news, Begay has worked on several ad campaigns for the Honolulu Stars.

In May, the company partnered with the Star to produce the Hawaii TV series, which was produced by the local newspaper’s team.

The Hawaii Star’s ad agency, Ogilvy, Ogle and Mather, has worked for the newspaper for the past two decades.

Ogilvys ad agency was previously working on several local news shows, including Hawaii TV’s “The Newsroom,” and “The Hawaii News.”

In 2015, Ogelvy, as part of its media partnerships program, announced that it was working on a local news show for the Hawaiian Star.

The news program will be produced by KITP TV and the station’s local affiliate, KMTV.

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