Why NFL’s online advertising effectiveness is declining

NFL football’s online ads have been showing steady declines in recent years.

But the online ads in the NFL Network’s live games are showing a major dip in online ad effectiveness.

According to the NFL’s ad-network analytics department, NFL Network ad effectiveness fell by about 6.5 percent in 2016, to 1.7 million viewers per game.

That’s the smallest drop of any broadcast network since it started tracking its viewership in 2010.

A quick look at the network’s ad effectiveness ranking from the previous year shows that the network posted its worst performance since 2009.

NFL Network also saw its online ad performance drop a whopping 20 percent from the same year to 2.1 million viewers.

But while those numbers were bad, they were the worst online ad results of any NFL Network game in 2016.

In fact, the NFL network’s online ad quality dropped a whopping 30 percent, from 1.8 million to 1,800,000 viewers.

That was the worst year-over-year change since 2009, when the network lost 9 million viewers and lost its spot as the highest-rated network in its time slot.

This year, the network still posted a 2.4 million viewer average.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and other NFL leaders have touted the NFL Networks efforts to improve online ad strength and digital ad effectiveness, saying it has helped the NFL reach its largest-ever audience.

In a recent statement, Goodell noted that the NFL has been able to reach “more than 3 billion people online, and we are committed to improving the way we reach our audience, the quality of the content and the overall experience for our viewers.”

“The league is working to better deliver more quality content and more engaging digital experiences to our fans online, including our live games,” Goodell said.

“The NFL Network will continue to deliver the highest quality of content and content experiences to fans.”

However, some have argued that the league should do more to improve its online advertising and digital audience, and that the online ad metrics are not being monitored.

For example, ESPN and ESPN2 are the only major broadcast networks to have an online ad rating of zero or less.

According the Nielsen Company, there were more than 6 million total online ad impressions for ESPN2 and about 5 million total viewers for ESPN.

The ESPN digital audience is much smaller, and ESPN has a relatively low online ad engagement rate of just over 1 million viewers for each of its shows.

While there are some reasons for the slow online ad growth for the NFL, the fact that there is a dip in ad effectiveness in online ads is one more reason to be skeptical of the NFL networks online ad efforts.

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