Why Google won’t allow AT&T to remove ads from NFL games

AT&ts parent company said it would not remove ads on its website from any NFL games this season, even though the network said the practice violated its advertising policies.

The decision comes after AT&Ts chief executive officer Randall Stephenson said in an interview last week that he would not allow advertisers to use Google to pull ads from the games.

The NFL announced in September it would ban ads from its games from Monday through Sunday, after a report that advertisers were being pressured to pull their ads from AT&t’s ads because of concerns about the company’s ad policies.

AT&TS said it also would not permit any ad sales or promotion from advertisers on its games’ websites.

The league’s move sparked criticism from advertisers, who argued that AT&S ads had been shown on games in the past and that it was violating its policies.

“While we do not agree with the NFL’s decision, we are still committed to our ability to deliver advertisers’ content to our audience and our content will remain available for future AT&TC-sponsored events,” AT&%s ad sales director John Gant said in a statement.

Stephenson said AT&s ad policies were being updated and would be applied to all of AT&’s events.

The AT&&ts statement said the company was “committed to complying with all of the league’s advertising policies” and that “the NFL’s actions are a direct attack on our ability and willingness to deliver our advertising platform to our viewers.”

Stephenson did not immediately respond to a request for comment from ESPN.

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