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Facebook advertising cost is the amount of money it takes to run ads on the social network.

It was originally estimated that the company would pay out about $5 million per year to advertisers, but Facebook has since cut that figure down to $3 million per month.

The new Facebook advertising policy aims to help companies save money on their advertisements, which will be free to consumers and available for download on mobile devices.

Facebook has said that it will offer ads on apps that are compatible with the platform, allowing users to access and download content in the app without having to download a separate ad server. 

Facebook said in its announcement that its ad policy will be implemented over the next few weeks, with the goal of making the platform more convenient and appealing to people around the world.

The company is also making some changes to the way the ads are displayed, including changing the way that the content appears on the homepage and on the News Feed. 

The News Feed will no longer be the main part of the website, but it will still have a small share of the page, and will feature a series of ads. 

However, it will not display ads on any pages or pages on the main News Feed page. 

According to the announcement, the Newsfeed will also be redesigned to allow users to add images and videos to the site without having them first being downloaded to the users device.

 Facebook is also allowing users from around the globe to download their News Feed content to their phones, which means that there will be a few new features added to the mobile version of the app.

Some of these features will include sharing links from other apps with users, including a feature that will allow users from the United States to upload images of people they’ve met in person.

Facebook’s advertising policy is not without its flaws.

The company has a long history of advertising that it has shown to users, with some advertisers even going as far as to claim that Facebook advertising can improve their conversion rates by 50 percent or more.

However, Facebook is taking a much tougher stance on advertising.

The social network is making it clear that it does not like ads that have the potential to mislead or manipulate users.

Facebook is looking to reduce the cost of advertising, which is what it is aiming to achieve by eliminating the ability to use third-party software to run its ads.

The announcement from Facebook comes just days after the company’s shares were down nearly 6 percent in after-hours trading, after the social networking giant said it had reached a deal to sell itself to Alphabet Inc, a company that is reportedly interested in buying the company.

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