Why you should care about the future of advertising

The world of advertising is in the midst of an advertising revolution.

The digital revolution has brought the world’s largest and most diverse advertising industry under the digital umbrella, allowing advertisers to reach billions of people in their communities and on their devices, with a focus on consumers’ needs and behaviors.

But with so many changes on the horizon, the industry is already in a time of flux.

That’s because the way advertisers advertise is changing all the time, and advertisers need to adapt.

The industry is in a transition, as well, and there are many factors that could influence the future.

Advertisers are also facing a host of new challenges, such as: ·The rise of “social media” as a way to connect with consumers; ·The increasing number of digital devices and services; ·Social media platforms that are increasingly driven by users’ interests and desires; ·Advertising agencies and digital media companies that are grappling with how to make advertising more relevant to consumers; and ·The evolution of ad formats and how they relate to traditional ad formats, such a digital ad, traditional print ad, and TV ad.

Ad Age spoke to Ad Age readers to find out what they want advertisers to look forward to and what they’re watching and reading about.

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