What is Montgomery Advertiser?

A company that provides online advertising services to businesses and organisations that pay for them, Montgomery Advertising is the first and only company to have been granted a licence by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

In its announcement, the company said it would be expanding its services to include “commercial advertising”, “marketing”, “social media marketing”, “distribution of digital content” and “advertising on websites”.

“This licence is a first step towards the commercialisation of our technology and our expertise,” Montgomery Advertisements said.

“We will continue to innovate in the areas of digital marketing and advertising to help our clients succeed.”

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission said it had granted the company a license on the basis that it had shown “clear, demonstrated and reasonable proof” of its ability to operate in a manner that was “properly regulated by the ACCC, the Competition and Markets Authority and other regulatory authorities”.

“As a company with an established history of providing high quality and timely digital advertising services, Montgomery Advertising is well positioned to succeed in the new market,” ACCC Commissioner John Delaney said in the announcement.

“Montgomery Advertisers success is a sign that our consumer protection and digital advertising regulatory framework is working.”

Advertising agencies are currently prohibited from providing their own online advertising products and services, although a number of them have been providing “online marketing” services to other businesses, such as “ad-hoc” and mobile advertising.

“The ACCC will continue working closely with the Australian Advertising Standards Authority and relevant regulatory authorities to ensure that businesses and businesses owners are not adversely impacted by these new rules,” a spokesperson for the ACCCC said.

The commission said it was also monitoring a number “commercial online advertising” providers that were offering services to companies including the “digital marketing” company Montgomery Adographics.

In a statement, the ACCCO said it expected the “commercial market for advertising services” to “continue to evolve” over the next 12 months, and that “a number of commercial online advertising providers will continue offering their services”.

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