Google Maps is coming to the iPhone

Google Maps has been making waves on Apple’s iOS devices in recent weeks, as the search giant rolls out a redesigned app for iOS that lets users map and explore their way around the world in a new way.

But there’s a catch, and it’s a new one.

Apple Maps is only available on the iPhone.

The new app has no app for Android and, like Google Maps, is only accessible through an iPhone’s GPS.

The change in Apple Maps app is a small one, but the company’s move into the smartphone realm has a bigger impact than Google’s in some respects.

As Apple prepares to release the first version of its Maps app on the iOS platform, it has been quietly pushing for the app to be integrated with the Apple Watch, as well.

Apple has also been working to make Maps more user-friendly in the new version, which will also feature an “auto-answer” feature that lets you quickly find information by typing in an address or name.

A new version of the app is also coming soon to the iPad, with iOS 8, which is rumored to be based on Apple Watch hardware and feature a redesigned design.

Google Maps on the other hand, is being rolled out on the Android platform, with the release of Android Nougat due this week.

It seems Google’s push into the mobile world has been working well, with Android users increasingly switching to the Google Maps app, with over 50 million Android users now using the Google app on an average day.

But Google Maps’ arrival on Apple devices has been met with mixed reception.

The company’s Maps app has been the subject of much controversy and controversy since its launch.

Users have accused the company of stifling innovation in the navigation world, of introducing an artificial hierarchy and forcing users to choose between directions or directions that are both safe and easy to navigate.

But Google’s Maps has also garnered praise for its ease of use, with users increasingly finding that they’re able to map their way to places and even find their way home.

Even if Google’s Google Maps on Apple has met with some criticism, it is a welcome change for users who have struggled with the navigation app on iOS, and Google’s app is now better than ever on iOS devices.

The full version of Google Maps for iPhone is set to go live in the next few weeks, and the company has also made the app available to the Apple TV and Apple TV Pro.

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