How to rank the best ads online with Google News

The online ad industry is booming.

It’s also growing quickly.

In the first six months of 2018, ad revenues in the US totaled $6.4 billion, according to data compiled by Ad Age.

That’s an increase of more than $200 million from the same period last year.

But that doesn’t mean everyone is enjoying the boom.

“A lot of people are not having the same ad experience, which is frustrating,” said John Stavroche, the president and CEO of the American Association of Media Companies, the industry’s largest trade group.

Advertisers, too, are having a tough time finding the right people for their campaigns, as a new survey finds.

The new data, from Kantar Media, shows that only 5% of US advertisers have a clear idea of the keywords they’re using in their ads, while nearly half (46%) don’t know which of the ads they’re targeting are good candidates for keyword targeting.

The lack of clarity is frustrating to advertisers because it can prevent them from making the right decision.

“I don’t think that’s really the right question to ask. “

It would be more like, ‘Why do we think we should use that particular keyword?’ “

I don’t think that’s really the right question to ask.

He also says he’s been working with the ad industry to help it improve its ad targeting. “

Mancusomos agency is working with an ad tech firm to research and develop new advertising techniques that can help it get more clicks.

He also says he’s been working with the ad industry to help it improve its ad targeting.

“But we’re making progress.””

It’s still not perfect,” he said.

“But we’re making progress.”

The data isn’t the only problem.

A lack of advertising budgets can also make it hard to find the right keywords.

“One of the things that’s hard for advertisers is the budgets,” said Kevin Staggs, CEO of New Media Group, which has a 30-person ad agency.

He said a lack of ad budgets makes it harder to find people who can help you make money.

Staggss says he doesn’t have a budget for advertising anymore.

He doesn’t advertise to people who are just interested in buying a pair of shoes.

Instead, he’s trying to target people who would be interested in making money by advertising on his platform.

“They are interested in finding something they can use and that’s a little bit more direct, and that has a little more volume,” Staggst said.

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