How did a famous footballer, former star of the Barcelona team, get into a car ad with a starbucks ad?

With the help of a few friends, Cristiano Ronaldo managed to pull off a car sticker advertising campaign.

He’s just the latest in a long line of stars to pull it off in the past decade, as the Spanish footballing legend has made an impact on the world of advertising, including for the world famous car manufacturer.

In 2006, Ronaldo starred in the TV ad campaign for the BMW i3, which was designed to promote the new car’s capabilities and safety.

The BMW i4 was the next car up for the ad, but in 2007, Ronaldo’s career took a sudden turn.

That year, he appeared in a television ad for a German company called Fokko which was developing an electric car.

As a car salesman, he had to make sure the car was the most advanced one on the market.

He took the opportunity to advertise the Fokkol E-Golf, which he claimed would be a “world-class” car.

The ad featured a young woman in the background who was standing next to a BMW.

Ronaldo took a photo of the car with his phone and then sent it to Fokkos marketing team, who then contacted him.

They asked him to come to their offices in Madrid to test drive the car.

“I was nervous,” he said.

“It was the first time I drove an electric motor vehicle.

But then it clicked, I was hooked, and I was like, OK, this is the dream, I’ve never seen a car like this before, and it was beautiful.

I was happy.”

Ronaldo was a little nervous that the car would be considered a joke and therefore not suitable for the commercial, but he said the experience made him a better salesman.

“The moment you put on the car, you feel a real connection with it, and you feel confident.

I didn’t even know it was an electric, it was just a novelty, but it gave me a feeling of confidence.”

It was not long before the company sent him a video, which showed the E-Goals EV charging and then he was on his way.

“A lot of people thought I was joking, but I felt it was very important to do it,” he told Sky Sport Italia.

“They told me I should drive it with my wife and kids because we would have fun, because they didn’t think it was that cool.”

He was given a test drive and the next day he drove the car on the streets of Barcelona and his wife, Nara, watched him do it.

“My wife was very impressed,” he added.

“She said, ‘Wow, this guy is so good, I’m a bit nervous, but when you drive it, you’ll know what it’s like’.” The car was very popular, but the company didn’t realise it was going to be the car of choice.

After only two weeks, the car had been used for 1,000 sales.

“We were shocked,” Ronaldo told Sky.

“That’s when I decided, OK I’m going to go to Barcelona and test drive a car.”

With the backing of Fokokko, Ronaldo took the car to the local dealership and the company’s marketing manager, Pedro G√≥mez, offered him the chance to drive the new electric car for free.

Ronaldo agreed.

“As soon as I signed up for this, we were ready to sell the car,” he recalled.

“To my surprise, we sold it in one day.”

He said he would not have gotten the chance had he not tried.

“This is what the car is all about.

It’s a car that I am very passionate about, and to be able to sell it for free, I have to take a risk.”

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