How to Make A Small Business Ad on Facebook – How To Run A Small Ad Campaign

How to run an advertisement on Facebook.

If you are not a Facebook user yet, don’t worry – you don’t have to sign up to the platform.

If your business is looking to expand your reach, you may want to start a Facebook ad campaign. 

What’s a Facebook Ad?

What is a Facebook advert?

Facebook advert is a simple video that a business can post on the platform, usually using an image or logo, in order to advertise to their target audience. 

How to run a Facebook advertisement on a small business?

If you’re an advertiser who wants to run your own Facebook advertisement campaign on your business page, you will need to follow the guidelines below. 

Facebook Ad Guidelines1. 

The Facebook advert must have no more than 3.5MB in video size, or 4MB if it is a video advertisement. 


A video advert must contain the following: a) a description of your business b) an image (on a website, mobile app or desktop application) that is at least 30% of the video c) a link to the Facebook ad (in a Facebook post or an online video) 3. 

You must post your Facebook advert on your Facebook page within 15 days of the advert’s launch. 


It is important to note that your Facebook ad will not be seen by your audience if it’s more than 2 days old. 


If your Facebook advertisement does not reach your audience within 15 business days, your business will be declared a ‘no-show’. 


All Facebook ads must include the following in their description and in their title:’Small Business’ ‘Small’ Business’ or ‘Start-Up’  ‘No-show’ The first sentence of the ad should clearly explain what your business does and how you are targeting your customers. 

‘Start-up’ is defined as an entity that has been in existence for less than one year and is self-sustaining and has no formal business structure. 

In addition, the advert must include: ‘Promotional Code’ (a brief description of the campaign’s goals, purpose and purpose for which it was launched) ‘Terms and Conditions’ (terms and conditions governing the advert) What if you don�t follow the Facebook advertising guidelines?

If your business advert is not seen by the majority of your audience, your advert will be deemed a ‘No-Show’ and it will not receive any further engagement from Facebook. 

Why does Facebook allow ‘No Show’ Ads?

Facebook allows advertisers to post ads on their Facebook pages if their advert does not receive at least 30 clicks within a 30-day period. 

This means that advertisers can promote their business and make a profit if they can reach an audience that is not paying attention to their ad. 

However, this does not mean that they can’t create content or promote their product, so long as they don�re targeting their audience and not their own business. 

Advertisers are required to post a ‘Terms of Service’ which must include terms and conditions on the ad and are the only legal requirements for the advertisement.

The Facebook Advertising Guidelines (the Facebook ad guidelines) explain how you can use the Facebook platform to run ad campaigns, and offer advice on how to create an effective Facebook ad.

What are the benefits of running an advert on Facebook?

Facebook has a variety of ad-specific features available to advertisers, such as the ability to post an advert in a range of media formats, including video, text and audio. 

When a Facebook advertiser posts their ad, they can choose to post in a video, audio or text format, so that they have more control over the content of their ad and can tailor it to their audience.

This also means that they may be able to reach more people at the time of their post. 

To run an advert, you must follow the ad guidelines above and submit your ad through your Facebook account. 

By the time you post your advert, it will have been viewed by the Facebook audience.

This means you will not get any revenue from your ad, but you will have received some benefit from it. 

Can I post an advertisement without Facebook?

If an advertisers ad is not viewed by Facebook, it may not be published or featured in the news. 

Do I have to accept Facebook ad offers?

No, you do not have to be a Facebook account holder to run ads on Facebook, but many businesses do have Facebook accounts and are able to post adverts on Facebook without Facebook.

What’s more, advertisers can create a Facebook page that is separate from their business, allowing them to promote their products and services without Facebook advertising. 

There are two ways to run Facebook ad campaigns on your website:Advertising campaigns run through Facebook are designed to promote

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